Important Updates

  • Group of students studying from grade 7 to 10 grade got a 10 year multiple entry US VISA, and they will be board on shortly to NASA, part of educational trip intially.

  • 2 nd School carnival will take place on october 28' 2017 followed the great success of last year event.

  • students from KG to 12 grade free to fly of different locations such as chittanavasal, DR APJ KALAM MUSEM, RAMESHWARAM AND KERALA COCHIN WONDERLA

  • School will plan to do integrated coaching for senior grade11& 12 sceince streams and maths stream to face the NEET/ IIT coaching from coming acdemic session.

  • Hostel will be provided girls students studying from 9th grade onwards from coming academic session 2018-2019.

Our Academics

The school is proud to be affiliated to the nationally renowned educational body, CBSE, from the region. And it strictly implies the modern mode of educational method; activity based teaching and learning processes to bring out the all round skills and creative talents of the students to enrich the education in the vicinity. Also the school faithfully sticks with the assessment pattern of CCE to give a platform for the innovative ideas of the teachers and creative ideas of the students of the region. Along with curricular and co-curricular education the school also spotlights extracurricular education.


The school offers the various courses of senior secondary level as follow as,

Group No Group Name Subjects in the Group
Group 1 Maths - Bio Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English.
Group 2 Maths - Computer Science Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, English.
Group 3 Pure Science English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science.
Group 4 Commerce Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science, English.

Crucial Coaching

Both the activity based assessment and pen paper assessment are being designed to attract all types of students.

Special attention is given for slow blossomers by providing extra coaching if they wish to attend.

Students are encouraged with class room and campus activities.

Motivates students to do projects of various subjects to learn by doing.

Organizes multi-disciplinary carnivals where students can learn more.


Assessment is an ongoing activity in the classroom and in most cases children are unaware that they have undergone a process of assessment as it is built in to their daily programme. This is an important feature of classroom life as teachers use the results to determine the effectiveness of teaching, the mastery of particular skills and concepts by children and to diagnose individual strengths and weaknesses and to decide what a child should be taught next. Assessment can also be undertaken in class, as a group or on an individual basis. It must be both purposeful and manageable enabling all pupils to fulfill their potential in all areas of the curriculum.

Report on conduct application and progress will be entered in the Achievement Record at the end of each term.

We have a continuous assessment system. Every student will be assessed as per CCE (Continuous Classroom Evaluation) which would comprise of assessment tests (written as well as oral), assignments, presentations, activities, projects, worksheets. It is also based on regularity and competence in presentation of class work and home work. This would require them to work in a regular and systematic manner.

Eligibility for promotion is based on the cumulative performance in all the tests / and continuous assessments conducted during the academic year. Hence all students should ensure that they do not miss any of the tests.

From Grade IV, Two Semester system is followed, two Formative assessments and one Summative assessment in each semester.

Field Trip

  • Students will be taken on Field trips to various places of educational value.

Formative Assessment

  • Class work, Home work, Oral Questions, Slip tests, Quiz, Projects, Assignments, Group Discussions etc., Summative Assessment : At the end of each semester.


  • Has four house based children's choir along with school choir
  • Has various classical dance groups from class 2nd onwards
  • School organizes Inter- school yearly cultural program 'Cultural Exuberance'
  • Co- curricular Activities :
  • Provides chess, abacus, hand writing trainings

Aero Modeling Club

  • We are proud to inform that our school is the first one to open Aeo modeling club in Thanjavur dist with Association of TASS INSTITIUE OF AEROMODELLING CLUB, COIMBATORE.

Club Activites

  • Eco friendly club, Tree planting club, Literary club.
  • School has a science club titled Aura affiliated to VIGYAN PRASAR an autonomous organization under the Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

Special Programs

  • Offers week end training programs for competitive examinations like NTSE, Olympiad, IIT & MBBS entrance exams.
  • IIT - JEE - foundation program from VI std onwards.
  • NEET / IIT entrance exam coaching.


  • Our school gives importance for physical activities.
  • We have our peculiar platform for various kinds of sports like Kho-kho, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Ball Badminton, Table Tennis, Kabbadi, Karate, Yoga and all other athletics.
  • And sports activities are highlighted with the winners of the inter school tournaments held outside of the campus.

Our Aim

Our school provides valuable education with good habits. We ensure that the students learn effectively.

About Us

  • Brilliant CBSE - Senior Secondary School is located at Pattukkottai, Thanjavur Dist. The Brilliant School, Pattukkottai is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to care for and respect others and to be socially responsible. Our holistic approach to education is developing the whole person.

Our Snapshots